Free Online Calculators

At Advanced Financial Planning Solutions, we’re pleased to share with you what we think are the best free online calculators available. Remember though that free online calculators can only do so much. If you need personal advice we can help.

Mortgage Calculator

One of the biggest expenses most of us will face, is the cost of buying and paying off our family home. If you are considering buy your own home, this Mortgage Calculator will provide you with information about how much you can borrow, what your repayments might be and what alternative payments might look like. We can help too.

Many of our clients come to us for Family Advice and many already have mortgages. We know that mortgage repayment is an important part of their financial lives and we can help them advance their financial lives with personal advice.

Savings Goals Calculator

Most of us having something we’d like to own, but we can’t afford to buy right now. It might be a new car, a boat, a holiday or perhaps even a holiday house. If you have a goal like this, this Savings Calculator can provide you with information about how long it will take to reach the goal. We can also help too.

With our Savings and Investment Advice, we can create a personal financial plan to help you set, implement and review your progress towards your goals.

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Employer Superannuation Contributions Calculator

Although retirement and life after work might seem a long time off, your superannuation is likely to be one of your biggest investments outside of your home. To check if your employer is making the right amount of payments for your retirement, use this Employer Superannuation Contributions Calculator to check the amount.  We can help too.

We provide Superannuation and Retirement Advice to help you advance your life after work. In our experience, the sooner you start the better outcomes you achieve, because you have time and Advanced Financial Planning Solutions on your side.

Superannuation Contributions Optimiser

To explore how your own contributions can also make a difference to your superannuation, use this Superannuation Contributions Optimiser Calculator to check the amount.  We can help too.

Did you know that saving towards your own retirement might be more tax effective? Like families, the strategy can also be very useful for business owners and invite you to talk to us and explore our Advice for Business Owners.

Would you prefer to speak to a real financial planner rather than play with a calculator?

Unfortunately free online calculators like these can only take us so far. In reality, life and money are far more complicated. You see this when you start juggling multiple things like mortgage repayments, school expenses, and bills – not to mention the unexpected items that pop up.

Helping families and business owners are what we are passionate about. We help clients plan situations that work for them now as well as advance their future financial plans. Often our clients achieve more than they think they can, after they receive our advice.

Call us on 0411 331 870 or contact us and ask for an appointment.  Your first appointment is at our cost, to see how we might assist.

Is that the kind of financial planning support you’d like to access to help your family get and stay ahead?

If so we’re here to help you.

Call us on 0411 331 870 or contact us and ask for an appointment. Your first appointment is at our cost, to see how we might assist.