Financial Planning Myths

There’s a lot of myths around financial planning and in this, our very first blog post we’d like to explore them from our perspective at Advanced Financial Planning Solutions. Some of them you might have heard before, others might be new. Regardless, we hope this post shines some light on  the truth about financial planning and how it might work to improve your life.

  1. You have to already be rich to see a financial planner

That statement is not true of all financial planning businesses.

At Advanced Financial Planning Solutions we prefer to work with individuals, families and business owners to achieve their goals. We’re all about providing really good advice to real every-day people. In fact it’s with clients like this, we think we can help the most.

  1. Financial planning advice is going to be very expensive

That’s false – not all financial planners charge the same fees.

Seeing a financial planner on an ongoing basis might cost the same or even less than a personal trainer depending on what they do for you. A part of what we like to do at Advanced Financial Planning Solutions is show you the value we add. Often we help clients avoid making bad or expensive decisions. With advice, you can also get further ahead than you could by yourself. At Advanced Financial Planning Solutions we know what you spend your money on is important. Our goal is to help achieve your financial goals and we don’t think our fees are at the very expensive end.

  1. Financial planning is only for doctors and lawyers – Not real families

That’s just not true.Families can also benefit from good financial planning advice. Do any of the following things sound like you?

  • Feeling like you work just to pay the bills
  • Always having competing priorities that you need money for
  • Don’t have a process to manage your money – it just happens
  • Don’t feel like you’re getting a head with mortgage or debt reduction

These problems are exactly the kind of financial planning problems we can help you with. We’re committed to helping families take control of their financial futures.

  1. All financial planners are the same

That’s a big myth and one we’re out to bust!

It’s just like saying all doctors are the same or all mechanics or hairdressers are the same. When selecting a financial planner to work with you, just like any other service provider, you need to find one you like and one who is able to do what you want them to do. It’s also important you pay attention to their qualifications and ask questions about their process, services and fees.

If you’re considering seeking financial planning advice, we invite you to explore the Advanced Financial Planning Solutions website. We also invite you to contact us or give us a call 0411 331 870 and make an appointment. Your first appointment is at our cost to see how we can help put our advanced financial planning solutions to work for you.

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