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Welcome to the Advanced Financial Planning Solutions Blog. Our financial planning blog will provide useful information and news. We believe that all Australians should be able to access advice and make smart financial decisions for their family, career and business – if they have one. So the stories here will offer ideas and insights around money, your relationship with money and how to plan a more confident financial life. The stories are however are not personal advice. If you need personal advice to advance your financial plans, please contact us.

Drought Angels

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Advanced Financial Planning Services was pleased to lend a hand to the Drought Angels recently through our relationship with Financial Services Partners. It's been a…

Elder Abuse

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Recent experiences with my own Mother have prompted me to write this blog about Elder Abuse. We have all heard horror stories of…

Financial Planning Myths

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There’s a lot of myths around financial planning and in this, our very first blog post we’d like to explore them from our…

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