Meet Advanced Financial Planning

Thank you for exploring the Advanced Financial Planning Solutions website. On this page we’d like to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves and how we do things differently to other financial planning businesses.

Advanced Financial Planning Solutions was founded by Susie Erratt a Certified Financial Planner® who believes that financial planning shouldn’t just be for the ultra-rich. In her experience, when advice is delivered well, financial planning can make a real difference to real people lives. It’s not surprising then that Advanced Financial Planning Solutions vision is to help families, managers and business owners achieve more within their financial lives.

Our approach to financial planning is different from others and we hold four core values to help clients achieve their goals.

Being accessible
We’re here when you need us to be. We offer face to face, over the phone and Skype appointments. We also can come to your home or business with out of office appointments. We also have a limited number of after-hours appointments each week because we know life gets busy. Although we’re based in Darwin, we have clients in remote and other places too. Being accessible to us isn’t just about how we meet. At our core we want to make good financial planning advice accessible to real people and be an input for positive change to their financial lives.

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Being development focused
Our responsibility is to understand where you are now and where you want to be in the future. This is reflected in our name – Advanced Financial Planning Solutions. ‘Advanced’ is a different kind of thinking, a better kind of thinking that we put to work for the benefit of our clients. We also like to think of ourselves as being ‘On the front foot, financial planners’. We know from experience that many of our clients don’t feel they have as much control of their financial life and where it’s going to. That’s why they come and see us – to have the support they need to take control.

Working in partnership
Regardless if you’re an individual, a family or a business owner, we believe the best outcomes are achieved when we work in partnership with clients. This means we have an honest relationship with open communication.

Some of the issues we deal with can be emotional and can be complex. We take a caring, friendly and non-judgmental approach to understanding all of your concerns and addressing them. This also means that we work with you over time. As life changes, your financial strategies are likely to need to changes too. An important part of what we do is reviewing performance towards your goals and re-casting strategy where we need to.

Celebrating achievement
As our name suggestions, ‘Solutions’ is about providing you with a valuable outcome. Our success is ultimately measured by the process we implement to help you achieve your goals. It’s important to remember that not all goals need to be major milestones. Sometimes it’s the smaller things that make the most difference like having a budget planner that helps you save, working out how to achieve competing priorities or securing a sounding board to help you make decisions. Often it’s the 1%ers that make the biggest difference to a client’s day to day life.

Of course we’ll also cheer with you when you achieve the big things too like getting rid of a personal loan or credit card debt, achieving the savings for a goal or paying off the mortgage.

Is Advanced Financial Planning Services the kind of advice business you’d like working with you?

Call Advanced Financial Planning Solutions on 0411 331 870 or contact us and ask for an appointment.

We’re passionate about advancing the goals of families, managers and business owners. Your first appointment is at our cost, to see how we might assist.

Is that the kind of financial planning support you’d like to access to help your family get and stay ahead?

If so we’re here to help you.

Call us on 0411 331 870 or contact us and ask for an appointment. Your first appointment is at our cost, to see how we might assist.